Employee trainings can be tiresome for all involved. New hires have to sit through an entire day of long-winded lectures on company policies and procedures, and then they spend another day getting their computers set up and learning their duties. And each time you integrate new software, you have to train everyone all over again. A training video that can be watched at any time will save you the trouble of repeating yourself, and will eliminate excess questions since all the information will be in one place. Ezvid Wikimaker is a free online video editor that lets you use recordings of your screen to walk trainees through each step of the start process. We'll go over some of the features of Wikimaker and how it can benefit your company. Check out some of the articles made with Wikimaker, then give it a try and make your first wiki. You can also try Speedwrite to pre-generate summaries for your wiki.

What Is Ezvid Wikimaker?

Ezvid Wikimaker is a free online video editor that helps you put together professional video content in your browser. Rather than forcing you to cut together footage and record audio yourself, Wikimaker provides voice synthesis, automatically creating narration from your words and providing free fair use images and videos to match your writing, along with music. You can add or delete images to create an entertaining and informative video. And with Wikimaker Capture, you can add your own images and videos to explain even the most complex procedures for new employees.

Wikimaker Vs. Other Video Editors

Feature Ezvid Wikimaker Other Video Editors
Edit in browser
Screen captures and recordings
Videos over 8 minutes or 1,000 words
Automatic voice synthesis
Fair use images and video clips
Free music added automatically
Online hosting on Ezvid Wiki
Choose your own video FX
Essay text published with video

How Do I Make Those Recordings Of My Screen?

A great supplement to Wikimaker is Wikimaker Capture, which is available as a browser extension for Chrome or as a free download for Windows and Mac. You can capture still images or make recordings of activity on your screen. Trainees can watch as you perform the exact steps that are expected of them. And since your video is hosted on Ezvid Wiki, they can watch it at their own pace and pause whenever they need to, so they can fill out online forms or set up software along with the video.

Where Is My Video Posted Once I Finish?

After you submit your wiki, it will be published on Ezvid Wiki, where you'll be able to watch the video as well as read the text and view your captured images. All you have to do is share the URL with someone, and they'll be able to watch your instructions and get started.

More Information

If your company is hiring, that's probably good news. Perhaps you're expanding, opening up a new branch, or getting some much-needed help around the office. But if you're in an industry with a lot of turnover, constantly running training sessions can be a drag. Every hour spent training someone new is an hour you aren't spending doing your job.

It usually goes like this. You sit all the new hires down in a conference room and go over company policies and procedures. Then when they're sent to actually perform their jobs, you get a million questions about everything you just went over. It'd be nice to only have to say these things once so you wouldn't have to waste your time. Thankfully, there's now a way to create training videos that is completely free and can be done online.

Ezvid Wikimaker is a free online video editor that is easy to learn and has a wealth of features. You can quickly create training videos that outline company policies, answer frequently asked questions, and even show step by step instructions for the tasks every employee will perform as they get started. It'll save you time, and best of all, it'll be hosted online where employees can access it at any time if they've forgotten anything.

Wikimaker works by turning your written words into video content. Just sign up for an account and choose your title. Then, write your first set of directions. Paste your first paragraph into the box and hit "Enter." Wikimaker will then use voice synthesis to turn your written words into narration that will be read in your video, which you can watch right away. Listen back to your writing and make whatever changes you'd like.

On the left side of your screen, you'll see that free fair use images and video clips have been added to match words in your text. When that word is read aloud in the narration, that image will appear. Some even have multiple options to choose from, which you can see by hovering over them. You can also use the search box to find other relevant images to include. If any images don't fit with your subject matter, you can delete them by clicking the "X" in the lower left corner of the thumbnail.

But you don't just have to use the images provided. With Wikimaker Capture, you can add your own images and videos. Wikimaker Capture is available as a Chrome browser extension or as a free download for Windows and Mac. In both versions, you can capture images found online. And in the desktop version, you can resize and crop them, capture from other programs on your computer, or even draw on your images to add emphasis.

Your trainees won't have to just listen to you explain what they're supposed to do. They can watch you do it with screen recordings. You can make a recording of activity in your browser, or with the desktop version, record your entire computer screen. Walk them through filling out online forms and setting up software. They can follow along with the video at their desks and you won't have to repeat yourself.

Your captures and recordings will appear in the "Ready" section, where you can match them to words in your video. With recordings, you can pick the exact starting point so you get the moment you want. Wikimaker also gives you the ability to upload files from your computer, so you can use images and videos that you record yourself of features in the office or staff members they should know, giving it a personal touch. Just repeat this process until you're done, and you can submit your new wiki for publishing.

Your new video, complete with narration and music, will now be published on Ezvid Wiki. All you have to do is share the URL with new staff members, and they can watch it at their convenience as they fill out online paperwork, set up their payroll, install software, or get onto the company chat system. They can always watch the video again later if they forget anything, but since they're learning while doing rather than listening to you talk, they're more likely to retain the information.

Ezvid Wikimaker can expedite the training process to get employees on the job faster. You'll be saving your company money by not forcing them to pay trainees to sit there and not waste your precious skills on repetitive info sessions. Best of all, it's completely free and takes only a short time to learn, so there's no reason not to give it a try and create your first video wiki.

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